I have worked with France at Renaissance Interior Design of Chicago on several projects, but last year we tackled a complete renovation (down to the studs) of my kitchen. France was both the designer and manager of the project, and I cannot be more complimentary of her work. She was on top of the process from start to finish ensuring that it moved as quickly as possible and within budget. I was na├»ve about the process and had no idea how to plan and live without a kitchen. France estimated how many boxes I would need to pack all my cabinets and even accompanied me to the self-storage center to show me what I needed to buy. She also ensured that the appliances I needed were disconnected for the shortest time possible. Once we got started, all of the workers she brought into the project were excellent craftsmen, while being courteous and clean. France’s designs were outstanding, and she made the kitchen both more functional and attractive while overcoming several obstacles. I constantly receive compliments on the renovation, and I know it is due to France’s excellent design and project management skills as well as her attention to detail.